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Vehicular Eluding Colorado: Aurora Chase Reached Speeds Of 100mph

Vehicular Eluding Colorado: Suspects In Aurora Chase Reached Speeds Of 100mph According to CBS News Denver, Reports that two people are in custody after allegedly speeding off in a stolen car when police in Aurora tried to pull them over Thursday morning.  Officers tried to do a roadside stop at East Colfax Avenue and North Havana… read more

Denver Traffic Lawyer – Traffic Ticket Cost You $$

Traffic Tickets Will Cost You More Than a Fine! U.S. News published an article describing The Real Cost of a Traffic Ticket which touched on some of the issues a Denver Traffic Lawyer would encounter on a daily basis when representing people accused of traffic violations in Colorado.  Generally speaking, most traffic citations would include a fine… read more

Careless Driving Ticket In Colorado

Careless Driving Ticket in Colorado What do You do after being Cited with A Careless Driving Ticket in Colorado? Well the first thing you should do is finish reading this blog and call me.  I offer free consultations by phone and love to fight traffic tickets!  You need to take this ticket very seriously because… read more

Lawyers For Speeding Tickets

Lawyers For Speeding Tickets People Hire Lawyers for Speeding Tickets to save points on their license and insurance.  Speeding violations will bump up your rates significantly and cost you more money in the long run.  The True Cost of a Speeding Ticket in Colorado was published on and the article discussed the costs of a… read more

Buckle those seat belts when traveling through the Town of Mountain View!

The Denver Post recently published an article describing the alleged revenue raising procedures of the Town of Mountain View.  The town is allegedly singling out drivers for not wearing their seat belts, pulling them over, and citing them -even when there is not other violation of law.  In Colorado, seat belt violations are non moving violations,… read more

Is The End of Photo Tickets Near?

Economy is tough. Americans are busy trying to make ends meet. Gas prices are high. Cost of living is outrageous. Food costs are rising and our government continues to over regulate and/or tax the working people to death. Photo Tickets have been a source of controversy for many people. For the good old boys in… read more

Denver Cops Looking for You: Texting & Driving Is Against the Law

Denver Cops Crack Down On Texting & Driving in Denver and surrounding counties in effort to put an end to distracted drivers. Law enforcement aim to start the campaign against texting and driving because they believe that distracted drivers are more likely to cause an accident. According to, The number of people killed in… read more