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Denver Traffic Violations Lawyer

Traffic violations can vary depending on the circumstance.  When most people think about a traffic ticket, they may underestimate the consequences of that traffic violation under the law -it’s not “just a ticket.”  Denver Traffic Violations have many consequences impacting your life outside of the court room.  You could lose your license, suffer from high insurance, lose your job, your freedom or everything you have worked for depending on the circumstances.  The officer’s conclusion to your traffic accident may leave you at fault and it may be difficult for you obtain a favorable personal injury settlement with a pending careless driving citation.

Denver Traffic Court at 1437 Bannock Street

If your ticket references the courthouse at 1437 Bannock Street, your traffic citation has landed in Denver’s traffic court.  Some of these violation can be considered a “traffic offense” which is another way to describe a “traffic misdemeanor.”  Consequences for these types of violations are largely determined by the facts of the case and available defenses.  Do not underestimate the ability of an experienced denver traffic violations attorneys ability to work up a case and how it can lead to a favorable outcome -not all attorneys are created equal!  You wouldn’t go to your family doctor for dental work, well, i think we can agree that it doesn’t sound like a good idea.  Convictions for a traffic violation may result in driver’s license suspension or revocation, fines, mandatory classes and/or jail time.

Possible Penalties for Offenses:

  • Jail time for up to 2 years;
  • Fines up to $3,000.00 per charge;
  • Court costs of $21.00;
  • Points assessed against your license; and
  • Any Surcharges Allowed by Law

Possible Penalties for Infractions:

  • No Jail;
  • Fines up to $999.00 per charge;
  • Court Costs of $21.00;
  • Points assessed against your license; and
  • Any Surcharges Allowed by Law

*Please note, if your case is not located in this specific court, the potential penalties are likely not to be the same.

Your Rights!

  • To be informed of the charges against you;
  • To be considered innocent unless you enter a guilty plea or found guilty at trial (or final hearing for traffic infractions);
  • Right to be represented by an attorney;
  • To plea not guilty and have a trial to the court or jury; Be aware there are certain procedures you must follow to preserve your right to a jury trial and you should immediately contact the court to determine those procedures because time is of the essence!
  • You may testify in your defense or remain silent;
  • The state must prove the elements of the crime which you are charged beyond a reasonable doubt; and
  • You present witnesses in your defense or cross examine any witnesses against you.

This webpage was created for your education and as a starting place for you research.  Please understand that information you find on the internet is no substitute for the advice of an actual attorney license practiced law in colorado.  If you find yourself in situation where you could use the services of an experienced denver traffic lawyer, please do not hesitate to contact my office and inquire about the services we offer to help you with your traffic violations by calling (303) 963 -9363