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Facing jail time and loss of license are good reasons to have a lawyer help you with your DUI

Careless Driving Tickets

We can help you reduce your charges when a minor traffic accident has resulted in serious traffic charges.

Leaving Scene of Accident Tickets

When you are charge with hit and run or receive a letter from a detective, we can help you reduce your charges.

Traffic Violations

Traffic violations can should be fought with the same intensity of a criminal case. We can help protect your interests.

Speeding Violations

Speeding tickets can impact your traffic record and insurance rates. We can help you save points against your license.

Reckless Driving Charges

When you exceed the lawful speed substantially or find yourself in involved in a road rage situation, don't face your reckless driving charge alone.

DMV/Driver License Hearings

Whether you received a suspension letter from the DMV or just can't figure out how to get your drivers license back, please call us to discuss your options.

Commercial Driver License (CDL) Defense

When your traffic record is your livelihood, don't pay your ticket without calling your traffic lawyer to discuss your options.


Traffic Attorney Colorado is a top rated Traffic Violations Law firm in located in Denver, Colorado. The firm was created with the idea of being Colorado’s premier traffic clinic and covers a broad range of traffic cases throughout Colorado.

We are atop rated traffic violations law firm in Denver, Colorado with experience litigating the most serious traffic cases throughout Colorado. We are a true traffic violation law firm focusing on traffic cases with emphasis in DUI defense, traffic ticket defense and Auto Accidents resulting in personal injures.

If you are charged with driving under restraint, driving under suspension or are considered a habitual traffic offender, our main goal is to help you get back into a drivers license. We understands that it is difficult, if not impossible, to make a living in this society without a drivers license since our primary method of transportation is a personal vehicle. The arcane DMV rules in Colorado can easily revoke your drivers license and land you in a criminal court facing imprisonment. We understand how it easy it is to get your caught up in a downward spiral after being caught with a drivers license under restraint. The best approach to this problem is immediately hire a traffic lawyer to help you resolve your suspended license or driving under restraint case even it is your first time.

We believe that the most important part of the attorney-client relationship is trust. We are up front regarding our opinion of your case and will be truthful with you about the potential outcomes or consequences. of your case. Your best interest and case results are our top priority.

Don’t spend another day feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Call a Denver Traffic Violations Lawyer! TrafficAttorneyColorado.com is a Denver Traffic Violations Law Firm that can help you fight your traffic violations or traffic citations. Don’t call another Colorado Traffic Lawyer.



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