Reckless Driving Lawyer In Colorado

Reckless Driving lawyer

Reckless Driving lawyer

Reckless Driving Ticket in Colorado

I have defended people from Reckless Driving Tickets in Colorado in a variety of situations.  Most of the time the a Reckless Driving Ticket means that something very serious has happened.  The government is going to come after you for this ticket.  Do not take it lightly.  The most common scenarios I have seen for a Reckless Driving Ticket in Colorado include, but are not limited to the following situation:

  • You were involved in a serious traffic accident and the cop thought your driving behavior was reckless
  • You hit a pedestrian or bicyclist
  • You admitted that you were a distracted driver, like text messaging or reading while driving, and there was an accident
  • You were drag racing other cars on the road and the cop saw you
  • You were speeding excessively and the cop thought that your speed was outrageous that he should charge you with reckless driving
  • Your driving conducted displayed “wanton or willful disregard for the safety of others”

Reckless Driving Law In Colorado

A person who drives a motor vehicle, bicycle, electrical assisted bicycle, or low-power scooter in such a manner as to indicate either a wanton or a willful disregard for the safety of persons or property is guilty of reckless driving. A person convicted of reckless driving of a bicycle or electrical assisted bicycle shall not be subject to the provisions of section 42-2-127 .C.R.S. 42-4-1401.

Reckless Driving Law Penalties in Colorado

  • Your 1st conviction – up to ninety (90) days in jail and/or up to $300.00 fines, 8 points against your license, and a habitual traffic offender strike.
  • Your Second and Subsequent conviction – minimum of 10 days in jail but not more than 6 months –  a fine up to $1,000.00, 8 points against your license, and another habitual traffic offender strike.

How will my life be impacted, if I am convicted of a Reckless Driving Ticket?

If you are convicted (found guilty or plead guilty) of REckless Driving in Colorado, your life can impacted in the following -just to mention a few:

  • You might be put in jail, if the judges thinks you need to put in jail
  • You will now have a criminal record -since Reckless Driving is a Criminal Charge
  • You will now have a habitual traffic offender strike -which can lead a 5 year license suspension
  • You might lose your license, if you have too many points against your license
  • Your insurance will definitely increase for a minimum of 3 years
  • You are at serious risk of your auto insurer dropping you from the policy
  • Your permanent driving record will reflect a conviction for Reckless driving
  • You will have a hard time finding insurance companies to extend coverage to you

Contact an experienced Reckless Driving Lawyer Colorado to help you fight your Reckless Driving Ticket.

Why Should I hire a Lawyer to Fight my Reckless Driving Ticket in Colorado?

  • So you have been cited with a Recklesss Driving Ticket in Colorado and wonder what a lawyer can do for you.  It is important to understand that you are charged with a crime.  If you attempt to fight the ticket alone, nobody will help you.  You might be confused about the process or penalties.  You might think the court will help you.  You might think that the judge will throw the ticket out.  You might think the prosecutor is your friend. You might think the cop won’t show up because you read it somewhere online. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

    • You might be scared to go to court alone and a lawyer can represent you in court and be your voice
    • You may be unfamiliar with the legal process and a lawyer can explain it to you
    • You might not have to go to court at all -with the right traffic lawyer
    • You may have a legal defense and a lawyer can help you analyze your case for potential defense
    • You might not have any defense, and if that is a case, a lawyer can help reduce your charges to lesser charges
    • You have many rights with a criminal case and lawyer can help you understand those rights
    • A lawyer is your expert, guide, and legal advocate.

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5 star rating  Fantastic attorney. Explains everything that is happening very clearly. Professional and incredibly easy to understand. I've never been to court before and Mr. Lucero made it much less scary. Thanks Ike!

Casey Avatar Casey

5 star rating  Ike provides excellent service. He knows the law very well and can help you with your traffic related case. I highly recommend him.

I was a bit overwhelmed with my traffic ticket situation. Ike put me at ease got my tickets dropped and kept me on the road without issue.

Corey Avatar Corey

5 star rating  Professional and knowledgeable attorney!  I received an out of state speeding ticket leading to a misdemeanor charge. Attorney Lucero represented me in court and kept me informed during the process. He was honest and his one time fee was reasonable,  compared to other attorneys I spoke to. My misdemeanor was dropped to a traffic infraction. Happy with results,  and sure learned my lesson.

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