Careless Driving Lawyer In Colorado

Careless Driving Lawyer Colorado

Careless Driving Lawyer Colorado

Careless Driving Ticket In Colorado

I have defended people from Careless Driving Ticket In Colorado in a variety of situations.  The most common scenarios for a Careless Driving Ticket in Colorado include, but are not limited to the following situations:

  • You rear ended someone and the cop gave you a Careless Driving Ticket because he says you were following too close
  • You were involved in a traffic accident and the cop thought you were at fault
  • You were speeding excessively and the cop thought he might add that charge to your ticket, in addition to the speeding
  • The officer thought were driving in Careless and imprudent manner

Careless Driving Law In Colorado

The Careless Driving Law in Colorado is very broad.  According to the law, Careless Driving in Colorado is driving in a “careless and imprudent manner”  and “without due regard for the width, grade, curves, corners, traffic, and use of the streets and highways and all other attendant circumstances” to be found guilty of careless driving. C.R.S. 42-4-1402.

Careless Driving Law Penalties

The penalties for Careless Driving in Colorado can range depending on the circumstances of the ticket itself:

  • In County Court the Following Penalties Apply:
    • Careless Driving Ticket Without Serious Bodily Injury: Punishable up to ninety (90) days in jail and/or up to $300.00 fines.
    • Careless Driving Ticket With Serious Bodily Injury: Punishable up to one year in jail and/or a fine up to $1000.00.
    • 4 points against your drivers license
  • In Municipal Court the Following Penalties Apply:
    • Regardless of Circumstance every Careless Driving Ticket in a Municipal Court May be Punished up to 1 year in jail
    • The Fines Vary.  Most municipal courts are capped at a$1,000.00 maximum fine and others, like Aurora Municipal Court, are up the $2,650.00
    • 4 Points against your license

How will my life be impacted, if I am convicted of a Careless Driving Ticket?

If you are convicted (found guilty or plead guilty) of Careless Driving in Colorado, your life can impacted in the following -just to mention a few:

  • You might be put in jail, if the judge thinks you need to put in jail
  • You will now have a criminal record -since Careless Driving is a Criminal Charge
  • You might lose your license, if you have too many points against your license
  • Your insurance will probably increase for a minimum of 3 years
  • Your Insurance can actually drop your policy for a conviction for Careless Driving
  • Your permanent driving record will reflect a conviction for careless driving

Why Should I hire a Lawyer to Fight my Careless Driving Ticket in Colorado?

So you have been cited with a Careless Driving Ticket in Colorado and wonder what a lawyer can do for you.  It is important to understand that you are charged with a crime.  If you attempt to fight the ticket alone, nobody will help you.  You might be confused about the process or penalties.  You might think the court will help.  You might think that the judge will throw the ticket out.  You might think the prosecutor is your friend. You might think the cop won’t show up because you read it somewhere online. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

  • You might be scared to go to court alone and a lawyer can represent you in court and be your voice
  • You may be unfamiliar with the legal process and a lawyer can explain it to you
  • You might not have to go to court at all -with the right traffic lawyer
  • You may have a legal defense and a lawyer can help you analyze your case for potential defenses
  • You might not have any defense, and if that is a case, a lawyer can help reduce your charges to lesser charges
  • You have many rights with a criminal case and lawyer can help you understand those rights
  • A lawyer is your expert, guide, and legal advocate.

Contact an experienced Careless Driving Lawyer Colorado to help you fight your Careless Driving Ticket.

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5 star rating  A great experience from the beginning, Ike focused only on what was needed to make a successful case, very responsive and ensured we understood each step of the process. His negotiation skills are excellent, we never imagined such a reduction in the charge brought against our son considering the circumstances. Incredibly happy with the outcome, and all at the most reasonable price we could find. Thanks so much Ike!

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I was a bit overwhelmed with my traffic ticket situation. Ike put me at ease got my tickets dropped and kept me on the road without issue.

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