April 24, 2014

Is The End of Photo Tickets Near?

by admin

Economy is tough. Americans are busy trying to make ends meet. Gas prices are high. Cost of living is outrageous. Food costs are rising and our government continues to over regulate and/or tax the working people to death.

Photo Tickets have been a source of controversy for many people. For the good old boys in the locker rooms, they say it’s illegal. A traffic attorney might tell you to ignore your photo ticket unless you are personally served.  For those of you who tried the lack of service argument in Aurora Municipal Court, you probably learned that service by mail was legit. Or maybe you ignored the photo ticket you received in the mail only to be turned over to a collection agency.  Either way, most people think photo tickets are another one of those ways that the government is trying to take your money. Your local government may disagree, they say it is for safety, not to raise revenue.

We might all be in luck. House Bill 14-181 could soon ban traffic enforcement by camera (photo tickets) and/or through an automated system in the state of Colorado, if it becomes state law.

The bill repeals the authorization for the state, a county, a city and County, or a municipality to use automated vehicle identification systems to identify violators of traffic regulations and issue citation based on photographic evidence, and creates a prohibition on such activity. The bill repeals the authorization for the department of safety to use an automated vehicle identification system to detect speeding violations within a highway maintenance, repair, or construction zone.

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